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User Services : Fines and Fees

Welcome to the Houston Cole Library's User Services Page

Library Fines and Fees FAQ

  How much are overdue fines?

Fines are accrued at $0.25 per day for a period of twenty-one (21) days, after which the item is charged to the "Lost" status.

  What does it mean when an item is in "Lost" status?

The item is twenty-one (21) days overdue and a processing service fee of $10.00 and the replacement cost of the book will be added to your Library account.

  The item I checked out is in "Lost" status but I have the item. What do I do?

Return the item to the Library's Circulation Desk to have your account updated. The price of the item will be removed from your Library account. The $10.00 processing service fee will remain.

  I can’t locate an item which I checked out. What do I do?

Contact the Library's Circulation Desk. You will have to pay a $10.00 processing service fee along with the replacement cost of the item to have your account cleared.

  What happens if I don’t pay charges on my Library account?

Unpaid fines and/or charges for replacement of materials damaged or not returned will generate a financial encumbrance on the student's account, and the student will not be permitted to graduate, register, or receive transcripts until the financial records are cleared.

  Where do I pay Library fines and fees?

You can pay Library fines and fees by contacting the Library's Circulation Desk in person or by phone at (256) 782-5758.