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Underground Newspaper Collection: 1960s Counterculture: What They're Up to Now!

This is a guide to the Underground Press Syndicate's (UPS) Underground Newspaper Collection on microfilm. This collection includes over hundreds of 1960's counterculture newspapers.

Undergrounders in the Digital Age

Undergrounders in the Digital Age

Keeping the Spirit Alive

This is a "work in progress." Please send me links or a message if you run across someone I need to add. I know there are tons of voices still out there. Please help build this page!

Ken Wachsberger (Joint Issue & the One Appointed By God to Keep the Stories of the Underground Press Alive)
Voices from the Underground

Thorne Dreyer, Alice Embree (The Rag)
Rag Mama Rag (a history The Rag)

The Rag Blog 

Rag Radio

Trina Robbins (Renown Comix Artist)
Trina Robbins

Harvey Wasserman (Liberation News Service & Tireless Ecologist Activist)
Progressive Radio Network
The Free Press

John Sinclair (Ann Arbor News & Victim of a Repressive Government)
Official John Sinclair Web Site
Fattening Blog for Snakes
Radio Free Amsterdam

John Wilcock ("Puppetmaster" (according to Steven Heller) of the Underground Press)
Column of Lasting Insignificance

Ben Morea (Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers)
E-Blast: an Anarchist View (if you figure out how to actually read his posts, please let me know!)

Paul Krassner (Raving, Unconfined Nut)
Paul Krassner

Chip Berlet (Censorship Sentinal & Defender of Civil Liberties & Racial Justice)
Public Research Associates (co-founded by Berlet in 1981). Berlet continues to write articles for the The Public Eye
Chip Berlet
Chip Berlet on the Daily Kos

Judy Gumbo Albert
Yippe Girl

A. J. Weberman (East Village Other) Founder of "garbology." Continues to contribute general weirdness to the field of dylanology:Dylanology

Touch of Grey

Free John Sinclair