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Underground Newspaper Collection: 1960s Counterculture: Videos about UPS

This is a guide to the Underground Press Syndicate's (UPS) Underground Newspaper Collection on microfilm. This collection includes over hundreds of 1960's counterculture newspapers.

Former Editors Talk About Working at the East Village Other (EVO)

The Los Angeles Free Press


RubyVideo Productions

"Art Kunkin, editor and publisher, gives a detailed explanation of the mission and genesis of the LA Free Press."

Emory Douglas: The Black Panther Party and Revolutionary Art


Angola 3 News

Angola 3 News is an official project of the National Coalition to Free the Angola 3.

"Emory Douglas first served as the art director for the Black Panther Partys newspaper, and later served as Minister of Culture until 1980. Throughout these years, Douglas iconic artwork was published in the BPP newspaper and beyond. His artwork is featured in the new book entitled Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas"

Columbia Protests

Credits & Description:

From The Film Archives:

"A documentary film based on the 1968 student strike and take over at Columbia University."

Q & A with Ken Wachsberger: Voices from the Underground

Credit & Description: Uploaded by

Ken Wachsberger, editor of VOICES FROM THE UNDERGROUND, fielded questions after a presentation at Everybody Reads bookstore in Lansing, Michigan on March 3, 2011.

The Tom Forcade Story

In the The Tom Forcade Story,  Steven Hager has put together a fabulous documentary about the life of Thomas King Forcade, legendary leader of the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS). Click on the Tom Forcade Story to access this resource which is based on seventeen interviews with those who knew and worked with Forcade.

The Rag (Austin's Underground Newspaper)

Credits: William Hanks

The Great Speckled Bird (Atlanta's Underground Newspaper from 1965-1975)

Credits: PBA
A look at The Great Speckled Bird, Atlanta's radical alternative newspaper from the late 1960s and early 1970s. This story was featured on "This is Atlanta with Alicia Steele," a Telly Award-winning and Emmy-nominated magazine show on PBA, Atlanta's PBS Station. View more from "This is Atlanta" at

Collecting the Counterculture: Early 70s Publications of the American Left

Credit & Description:

Quag7's dataswamp

"A shuffling through my collection of Vietnam era ephemera, including underground newspapers, political pamphlets, and suchlike."

David Gilbert: A Lifetime of Struggle

Credits: This 30-minute video was edited in March 2002 by Claude Marks and Lisa Rudman.

Based on an interview done in July of 1998 at Great Meadows Prison, Comstock, New York with Sam Green and Bill Siegel. Camera: Federico Salsano

Voices from the Underground by Ken Wachsberger

History of George Straight