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Underground Newspaper Collection: 1960s Counterculture: Digitized Newspapers & Online Resources

This is a guide to the Underground Press Syndicate's (UPS) Underground Newspaper Collection on microfilm. This collection includes over hundreds of 1960's counterculture newspapers.

Digitized Underground Newspapers

Online Resources

Independent Voices 
Open access to the full text of thousands of underground newspapers  (thank the libraries that made this possible). Thank you, also, to the hard work of Ken Wachsburger. This is a fabulous resource!


Alternative media from London (1967-1973).


Liberation News Service (LNS) Archive
Digitization of LNS packets


The Realist Archive Project:


The Great Speckled Bird Digital Archive (Atlanta's Underground Newspaper )

Digitized by Georgia State University with a grant from the Georgia Humanities Council


The Paper

Michigan State University- affiliated paper founded by former MSU student, Michael Kindman, in 1965. This was one of the first papers to join the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS).  For more on the history of The Paper, see Michael Kindman's My Odyssey through the Underground Press, edited by Ken Wachsberger.


Freeing John Sinclair

Digitized copies of the Ann Arbor Sun (The SUN)- Also photos & sound recordings


International Times (London)
All digitized copies of London's International Times 1967-1994.


Kaleidoscope (1967-1971)
Milwaukee underground newspaper


Antiwar GI Newspapers

This is a selection of antiwar GI newspapers from the Pacific Northwest. This is a part of the Pacific Northwest anti-war and Radical History Project at the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Study at the University of Washington.

GI Newspaper Covers (Supporting materials for the film Sir! No Sir! which was produced, directed and written by David Zeiger)


It’s About Time: Black Panther Party Legacy & Alumni

Click on “BPP Newspapers.” Also, click on “Emory’s Art” to learn more Emory Douglas, artist of the Black Panther Newspaper


The Rag Blog (edited by Thorne Webb Dreyer)

The Inquisition (Charlotte, NC)
Available from "The Southern Underground Press" An initiative to digitize the 1960s underground papers in the South. 


Underground Press Syndicate Facebook Group (Chip Berlet)!/group.php?gid=77740822311


The Thomas King Forcade Story (17 video interviews by Steven Hager documenting the life of Forcade, former leader of the UPS)


C-Span2’s BOOKTV video of John McMillian discussing Smoking Typewriters: the Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America:



The Los Angeles Free Press:!/LAFreePress


The Buddhist Third Class Junkmail Oracle (Cleveland's "oldest underground newspaper"). Digitized by Cleveland State University Libraries:


The Avatar  Boston newspaper published in connection wth Mel Lyman's Fort Hill Commune). At one time there were at least three Avatars being printed due to a whole lot of craziness. For more on this unusual paper and Mel Lyman's commune, see Michael Kindman's My Odyssey through the Underground Press, edited by Ken Wachsberger. Papers made available by Steve Trussel.


"Images of the Underground" A selection of underground newspaper covers made available by the Wisconsin Historical Society. These images come from James Danky's, the legendary librarian of collecting the "wretched refuse") Undergrounds: A Union List of Atlernative Periodicals in Libraries of the United States and Canada.


The East Village Other (EVO): A Series of Great Essays about the EVO published on the Lost Village East Blog (New York Times):


The East Village Other: The Rise of Underground Comix and the Underground Press
Created by the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and The New York Times "Local East Village"
This is an ongoing project to digitize the EVO. Also, includes "recollections," "who was who," "graphics," "ephemera," "media," and the "exhibition"


Georgia Straight Founded in 1967, this paper still lives with, according to it' Web site, over 800,000 readers!

The Fifth Estate Magazine Founded in 1965, was one of the original first five papers to join the Underground Press Syndicate still lives on as "an non-authoritarian magazine of ideas and action.


The Rag  Founded in 1966-1967 in Austin Texas. 


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