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Underground Newspaper Collection: 1960s Counterculture: Newspapers in this Collection

This is a guide to the Underground Press Syndicate's (UPS) Underground Newspaper Collection on microfilm. This collection includes over hundreds of 1960's counterculture newspapers.

Members of The Underground Press Syndicate (UPS)

Alphabetical Listing of Newspapers in this Collection (A-N)

Alphabetical Listing of Member Newspapers (O-Z)

  1. Observation Post (New York, NY)
  2. Observer (Annadale-On-Hudson)
  3. Ocean Beach Rag (also Ocean People's Rag) (Ocean Beach, CA)
  4. Oclae (Havana, Cuba)
  5. The Ocooch Mountain News: A Magazine of Southwestern Wisconsin (Gillingham & Richland Center, Wisconsin)
  6. Octopus (formerly, Canadian Free Press) (Ottawa, Canada)
  7. Off Our Backs: a Women's News Journal (Washington, D.C.)
  8. The Old Market Press (Paducah, Kentucky)
  9. Old Mole (changed to The Mole) (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  10. Olvidate (Bogata, Columbia)
  11. OM (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  12. Om: Link (Washington, D.C.)
  13. Omphalos: the Manitoba Newspaper (Winnipeg, Canada)
  14. On Dit (Adelaide, Australia)
  15. Open City (Los Angeles, CA)
  16. Open Door (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  17. Open Process (San Francisco, CA)
  18. Open Road (Vancouver, Canada)
  19. Oracle (also titled San Francisco Oracle) (San Francisco, CA)
  20. Oracle of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
  21. Organ (Fresno, CA)
  22. Oscar's Underground Ghetto Press (Madison, Wisonsin)
  23. Osmosis (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  24. The Other Other (Brooklyn, New York)
  25. Other Scenes (New York, NY)
  26. Our Daily Bread (Raisin Bread) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  27. Out City (Berkeley, CA)
  28. Out of the Ashes Flashfood Service: an Unvarnished Counter-Cultural Poetry & Prose Service) (Portland, Oregon)
  29. Outlaw (formerly, St. Louis Outlaw)
  30. Outlaw: the Journal of the Prisoner's Union (San Francisco, CA)
  31. Overthrow (New York, NY)
  32. OZ (London, England)
  33. Ozark Digest (Eureka Springs, Arkansas)
  34. Pac-O-Lies (New York, NY)
  35. Pack Rat (Berkeley, CA)
  36. Pandora (Seattle, Washington)
  37. Pang (West Germany)
  38. The Paper (East Lansing, Michigan)
  39. Paper Highway (Schenectady, NY)
  40. Paria (Ticino, Switzerland)
  41. Partisan: Youth Against War & Fascism (New York, NY)
  42. Pax (New York, NY)
  43. Peace & Freedom News (Baltimore, Maryland)
  44. Peace Balloon (Santa Ana, California)
  45. Peace News (London, England)
  46. Peace Newsletter: Justice Paper (also Peace Newspaper: Syracuse Peace Council-Central NY's Antiwar/ Social Justice Paper (Syracuse, NY)
  47. The Pedestal (Vancouver, Canada)
  48. Peninsula Observer (Palo Alto, CA)
  49. Penny Press (Jacksonville, Florida)
  50. People & Energy: News of Citizen Action on Engergy (Washington, D.C.)
  51. People's News Service (London, England)
  52. The People's Press (Springfield, Illinois)
  53. People's Witness (Sacramento, CA)
  54. People's World (San Francisco, California) (after June 7, 1969, includes section called World Magazine)
  55. Phaque (Gary, Indiana)
  56. Philadelphia Free Press (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  57. The Phoenix (Nashville, Tennessee)
  58. Phoenix (San Francisco, California)
  59. Pittsburgh Fair Witness (Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania)
  60. Pittsburgh Peace & Freedom News (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  61. Pittsburgh Point (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  62. Plain Dealer (Philadelphi, Pennsylvania)
  63. Plain Reaper (Palo Alto, California)
  64. The Plain Truth (Champaign, Illinois)
  65. Planet People (San Francisco, CA)
  66. Polar Star (Fairbanks, Alaska)
  67. POP-SEE-CUL (Montreal, Canada)
  68. Post Amerikan (Bloomington, Illinois)
  69. Poundmaker (Edmonton, Canada)
  70. Prairie Fire (Regina, Canada)
  71. Prairie Sun (Peoria & Rock Island, Illinois)
  72. Prick (Tempe, Arizona)
  73. Primo Times (Bloomington & Inidanapolis, Indiana)
  74. Primo Times- Terra Haute Edition (Terre Haute, Indiana)
  75. Probe (Santa Barbara, CA)
  76. Prospectus (Charleston, Illinois)
  77. Protean Radish (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  78. Provincial Press (Spokane, Washington)
  79. Provo (Los Angeles, CA)
  80. Pterodactyl (Grinnell, Iowa)
  81. The Public Eye (Washington, D.C.)
  82. Public Citizen People & Taxes Tax Reform Research Group (Washington, D.C.)
  83. Public Occurance (Burlington, Vermont)
  84. The Punch ( Worcester, Massachusetts)
  85. Quetton (Cherbourg, France)
  86. Quicksilver Times (Washington, D.C.)
  87. R T: a Journal of Radical Therapy (formerly, The Radical Therapist/ Rough Times) (West Somerville, Massachusetts)
  88. R. Y. M. (Chicago, Illinois)
  89. The Rabid One/ Enrage (Berkeley, CA)
  90. Radicals in the Professon (changed to Something Else) (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  91. Rag (Austin Texas/ Gaudalupe, Texas)
  92. Raisin Bread (changed to Our Daily Bread) (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  93. The Ramparts Wall Poster (Chicago, Illinois)
  94. Raritan Peace News (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
  95. Rat (also, Rat Subterranean News) (changed to Women's LibeRATion in 1971) (New York, NY)
  96. La Raza: News & Political Thought of the Chicano Struggle (Los Angeles, CA)
  97. The Razzberry (formerly Razzberry Street Sheet) (Dayton, Ohio)
  98. Real Free Press (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  99. Real Free Press Illustrate (Antwerp. Belgium)
  100. Real Paper: Boston's Weekly Newspaper (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  101. Real Times (Bloomington, Indiana)
  102. Realist (New York, NY)
  103. Rebel (Montreal, Canada)
  104. Rebirth (Phoenix, Arizona)
  105. Reconstruction (on Sept 23, 1969, merged with The Screw to include AWOL Press) Topeka, Kansas
  106. The Red Mole (London, England)
  107. Red Notes (London, England)
  108. Reflector (Jackson, Mississippi)
  109. Regnbuen (Oslo, Norway)
  110. Reliable Source: News, Satire, & Report
  111. Renaissance (Santa Barabara, CA)
  112. Renudo: Mensile Di Controcultura E Controinformazione (Milan, Italy)
  113. Reportaje Desal- International Edition (Santiago, Chile)
  114. Resistance (Boston, Massachusetts)
  115. Resurgence (England)
  116. Resurrection (Tuscon, Arizona)
  117. Revolution (San Diego, CA)
  118. Richmond Chronicle (Richmond, Virginia)
  119. Rising Up Angry (Chicago, Illinois)
  120. River City Sun (Austin, Texas)
  121. River City Review (Memphis, Tennessee)
  122. River Courant (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
  123. Roach (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
  124. Roach (Great Neck, New York)
  125. Roach (Haleiwa, Hawaii)
  126. Rochdale (Toronto, Canada)
  127. Rochester Patriot (Rochestor, NY)
  128. Sabot (Seattle, Washington)
  129. St. Louis Free Press (St. Louis, Missouri)
  130. St. Louis Today (St. Louis, Missouri)
  131. San Antonio Gazette (San Antonio, Texas)
  132. San Diego Door (see also, San Diego Free Door, Good Morning Teaspoon, Teaspoon and the Door, San Diego Door to Liberation, San Diego Free Door to Liberation, and Door to Liberation (San Diego, CA)
  133. San Diego Free Press (changed to Street Journal) (San Diego, CA)
  134. San Francisco Dock of the Bay (San Francisco, CA)
  135. San Francisco Express Times (changed to Good Times) (San Francisco, California)
  136. San Jose Red Eye (San Jose, CA)
  137. Sanctuary of Servicemen (Hawaii)
  138. Sanity (Montreal, Canada)
  139. Sanity Now (La Peunte, CA)
  140. Sansculottes (New York, NY)
  141. Santa Barbara News & Review (includes the supplement The Sundial)  (Santa Barbara, CA)
  142. Satirist (Chicago, Illinois)
  143. Satyday (formerly Yorkville Yawn) (Toronto, CA)
  144. Scimitar (Ithaca, NY)
  145. The Screw (changed to Vortex) (Kansas City, Missouri)
  146. Search & Destroy (San Francisco, CA)
  147. The Searcher (Wellesley, Massachusetts)
  148. Second City (Chicago, Illinois)
  149. Second City (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  150. Second Coming (Ypsilanti, Michigan)
  151. Sedition: San Jose Community Newspaper (San Jose, CA)
  152. The Seed (Chicago Seed) (Chicago, Illionois)
  153. Seer's Catalogue (Alberguerque, New Mexico)
  154. Seers: New Mexico's Other Newspaper (Alberquerque, New Mexico)
  155. Seventy-Nine Cent Spread (Carmel, California)
  156. Shelter (Kansas City, Missouri)
  157. Shelter Force: A Publication for the National Housing Movement (East Orange, New Jersey)
  158. The Shinjoko Sutru (see Other Scenes) (London or New York, NY)
  159. The Short Times (Columbia, South Carolina)
  160. Sipapu (Winters, California)
  161. Small Change (Fort William, Canada)
  162. Something (Toronto, Canada)
  163. Something Else: Radicals in the Profession (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  164. The Son of Jabberwock (New York, New York)
  165. Souteast Asia Chronicle (Berekely, CA)
  166. The South End (Detroit, Michigan)
  167. Southern Agitator (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  168. Southern Flyer (Dunedin, Florida)
  169. Southern Free Press (Carbondale, Illinois)
  170. The Southern Libertarian Messenger (Florence, South Carolina)
  171. The Southern Patriot (Louisville, Kentucky)
  172. Southern Struggle (formerly The Southern Patriot) (Atlanta, GA)
  173. Space City (Space City News) (Houston, Texas)
  174. Spark (Takoma Park, Maryland)
  175. Speak Easy (Attleboro, Massachusetts)
  176. Speak Out (Vancouver, Canada)
  177. The Spectator (Berkeley, CA)
  178. The Spectator (Bloomington, Indiana)
  179. The Spinal Column (Davenport, Iowa)
  180. Spirit (Nashville, Tennessee)
  181. Spokane Natural (Spokane, Washington)
  182. Stampa Alternative (Rome, Italy)
  183. Star Root (Redwood, Ca)
  184. The Store Front Classroom: Autopian Newspaper (San Francisco, CA)
  185. Straight Creek Journal (Boulder & Denver, Colorado)
  186. Strawberry Fields (Miami, Florida)
  187. Street Journal (formerly San Diego Free Press) (San Diego, CA)
  188. The Student Mobilizer (Washington D.C.; Chicago, Illinois; New York, NY)
  189. Subversive Scholastic (Columbus, Ohio)
  190. Sun (also, Ann Arbor Sun) (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
  191. Sun/ Evening Sun (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  192. The Sun: a Magazine of Ideas (formerly, The Chapel Hill Sun) (title changed to The Sun: North Carolina's Magazine of Ideas (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
  193. The Sun Flower (Richmond, Virginia)
  194. Sun Daze (Santa Cruz, CA)
  195. Sunrise (Macomb, Illinois)
  196. Super Love (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  197. The Supplement (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
  198. Swamp Erie Pipe Dream (Cleveland, Ohio)
  199. Sweeney (Oakville, Canada)
  200. Sweet Fire (Albany, NY)
  201. Synapse (Ithaca, NY)
  202. Tablet (Kansas City, Kansas)
  203. Tahti (Helsinki, Finland)
  204. Take Over (Madison, Wisconsin)
  205. Tartuffles (Madison, Wisconsin)
  206. Teaspoon & The Door (see also San Francisco Free Door) (San Diego, CA)
  207. Terminal City Express (Vancouver, Canada)
  208. Testube (Columbus, Ohio)
  209. The Third Paper (Shreveport, Louisiana)
  210. Thorn (New York, NY)
  211. Thrust(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  212. Tia Belau (Palau, Micronesia)
  213. Thursday's Drummer (see Drummer) (Morgantown, West Virginia)
  214. Times Change: an Alternative Youth Magazine (Columbus, Ohio)
  215. Together (Palo Alto, CA)
  216. Top Secret (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  217. Torch (formerly, Roosevelt Torch & Chicago's Roosevelt Torch) (Chicago, Illinois)
  218. Trashman (Berekely, CA)
  219. Travelin' Light (Dunedin, New Zealand)
  220. The Tribal Messenger (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
  221. Tribal Village (Toronto, Canada)
  222. Tricontinental (Havana, Cuba)
  223. Tri-County Clarion (Yakima, Washington)
  224. The Trumpet: Digest of Independent Thought (Goleta, CA)
  225. The Trumpet (Rockford, Illinois)
  226. Tulsa Free Press (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
  227. Turning Point (State College, Pennsylvania)
  228. Twentieth Century Anonymous (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  229. UPS/ Europe (See Magic Ink)
  230. UPS News Service (formerly, Free Ranger Intertribal News Service, see also The Alternative Journalism Review)
  231. Ultimate Weapon (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  232. Under Current (Buffalo, New York)
  233. Underground Digest (New York, NY)
  234. Underground Flick (changed to Gest) (Southfield, Michigan)
  235. The Ungarbled Word (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  236. The United Irishman (Dublin, Ireland)
  237. University Review (New York, NY)
  238. Up Front (Los Angeles, CA)
  239. Up to the Neck (Montreal, Canada)
  240. UPS Revue (see also, Underground Press Revue & Alternative Press Revue)
  241. U R (New York, NY)
  242. Urban Underground (title changed to New City Free Press)
  243. Utopian Eyes: Journal of the Utopian Movement (see other subtitles such as :A Journal of Practical Utopian Fantasy; :A Journal of Cooperative Survival; :A Journal of Holistic Psychic Healing) (San Francisco, CA)
  244. V D R S V P (San Francisco, CA)
  245. Valley Advocate: The Alternative in Connecticut (or :The Alternative in the Pioneer Valley; see also, Free Valley, Advocate) (Hartford, Connecticut & Amherst, Massachusetts)
  246. Valley Advocate- Springfield Edition (Springfield, Massachusetts)
  247. Vanguard- The Needle (San Francisco, CA)
  248. Veteran Stars & Stripes for Peace (Chicago, Illinois)
  249. Viet Report (New York, NY)
  250. Vietnam GI (Chicago, Illinois)
  251. Vietnam, News & Reports)
  252. View from the Bottom (New Haven, Connecticut)
  253. Village Voice (New York, NY)
  254. Vision (Berkeley, CA)
  255. Vista Rap (Chicago, Illinois)
  256. Vocations for Social Change (title changed to Work Force) (Chicago, Illinois)
  257. The Voice of the Black Community (Decatur, Illinois)
  258. Voice to the City (Phoenix, Arizona)
  259. Vogliamo Tutto (Milano, Italy)
  260. Vortex (formerly, The Screw, includes issues of AWOL Press) (Lawrence, Kansas & Kansas city, Missouri)
  261. Le Voyage (Montreal, Canada)
  262. Walrus (Champaign-Urbana, Illinois)
  263. War Bulletin (Berkeley, CA)
  264. Warren Free Press (Warren, Ohio)
  265. Washington Free Press (Washington, D.C)
  266. Wassaja (San Francisco, CA)
  267. The Watcher: Florida Underground News (Winter Park, Florida)
  268. Water Tunnel (State College, Pennsylvania)
  269. Weakly Citizen Harold (Santa Barbara, CA)
  270. Weather Report (San Marcos, Texas)
  271. Well (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)
  272. West Side News (changed to New York Free Press) (New York, NY)
  273. West Side Story (Iowa City, Iowa)
  274. Western Activist (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
  275. The Western Gate (Vancouver, Canada)
  276. Western Prisoners (Venice, CA)
  277. The Western Star: Montana's Guide to Entertainment & Culture (see also, Borrowed Times)
  278. Western Voice (formerly, The Grape)
  279. Westport Trucker (changed to The Weekly Westport Trucker) (Kansas City, Missouri)
  280. Where it's At (West Berlin, Germany)
  281. Whippersnapper (McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania)
  282. Whipping Post/ Starship (Nelsonville & Stevens Point, Wisconin)
  283. White Lightning (Bronx, NY)
  284. John Wilcock's Other Scenes (see Other Scenes & Oz)
  285. Wild Currents (Duluth, Minnesota)
  286. Wild Flowers (Stow, Massachusetts)
  287. Wildcat (London, England)
  288. Willamette Bridge (Portland, Oregon)
  289. Willamette Valley Observer (Eugene, Oregon)
  290. Win: Peace & Freedom through Nonviolent Action (Brooklyn, New York, & Rifton, NY)
  291. Witte Krant (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  292. Witzend (New York, NY)
  293. Women (Baltimore, Maryland)
  294. Women's Liberation (formerly, Rat) (New York, NY) 1971
  295. Women's Studies Newsletter (England)
  296. The Word (Canyon, CA)
  297. Work Force (Oakland, CA)
  298. Workers Power: Bi-Weekly Newspaper of the International Socialists (Detroit & Highland Park, Michigan)
  299. World Countdown (Los Angeles, CA)
  300. Wyvern (Colchester, England)
  301. Xanadu (St. Louis, Missouri)
  302. Yankee Refugee (Vancouver, Canada)
  303. Yarrow Stalks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  304. Yellow Dog (Berkeley, CA)
  305. Yipster (Staten Island, NY)
  306. Yipster Times (New York, NY)
  307. Young Socialist (New York, NY)
  308. Youth and Nation (New York, NY)
  309. Youth Awareness Press (Tuscon, Arizona)
  310. Der Zeitgeist (Phoenix, Arizona)
  311. Zero (Paris, France)
  312. Zero (Essen, West Germany)
  313. Zig Zag (Montague, Massachusetts) 

    = 826

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