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Library Personnel Directory: Departmental Faculty Liaison Listing

Contact information for Library personnel by name and department. Also includes contact information for departmental liaisons.

Contact a Liaison

 Anthropology  Dr. Harry O. Holstein
 207A Martin  Karlie Johnson
 Applied Engineering  Dr. Xiaoqing Wang
 142 Ayers Hall  Hanrong Wang
 Art  Mr. Doug Clark
 115 Gladys Carlisle Bldg.  Tim Whittemore
 Biology  Dr. Timothy Lindblom
 242A Martin  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Chemistry  Dr. A. Brent Helms
 232D Martin  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Communication  Dr. S.Fawad Ali Shah
 123 Self Hall  Tim Whittemore
 Computer Science  Dr. Robert A. Elliot, Sr.
 239 Ayers Hall  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Criminal Justice and
 Forensic Investigation
 Dr. Horace Buttram
 108 Brewer Hall  Hanrong Wang and
 Kimberly Westbrooks
 Drama  Dr. Ellen Marie Peck
 340 Stone Center  Tim Whittemore
 Education, Counseling, and
 Instructional Support
 Ms. Wendy Stephens
 217 Ramona Woods  Laurie Heathcock
 Emergency Preparedness  Dr. Jane Kushma
1136 McClellan Bldg 3181  Kimberly Westbrooks
 English  Dr. Raina Kastova
 128 Stone Center  VACANT
 Family & Consumer Sciences  Ms. Jeannie Frazier
 123A Mason Hall  Hanrong Wang
 Finance, Economics, Accounting  Dr. William Scroggins
 176 Merrill Hall  Kimberly Westbrooks
 Foreign Languages  Dr. Ronald Koss
 305 Stone Center  Tim Whittemore
 Geography  Mr. M. Sean Chenoweth
 213 Martin Hall  Karlie Johnson
 Geology  Dr. Ross H. Martin
 211 Martin Hall  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 History  Dr. Russel Lemmons
 308 Stone Center  Karlie Johnson
 Kinesiology  Dr. Kory Hill
 311 Pete Mathews Coliseum   Laurie Heathcock
 Management & Marketing  Dr. Brent Cunningham
 330-A Merrill Hall  Kimberly Westbrooks
 Mathematics  Dr. David Dempsey
 137 Ayers Hall  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Military Science  SFC James Clanton
 Rowe Hall  Hanrong Wang
 Music  Mr. Jeremy Benson
 F-2 Mason Hall  Tim Whittemore
 Nursing  Ms. Sherron DeWeese
 249 JSU South Complex  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Philosophy  Dr. William Palya
 22 Ayers Hall  Karlie Johnson
 Physics  Dr. Laura Weinkauf
 207E Martin Hall  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Political Science  Dr. Bill Lester
 205D Brewer Hall  Kimberly Westbrooks
 Psychology  Dr. William Palya
 22 Ayers Hall  Paula Barnett-Ellis
 Religion  Dr. William Palya
 22 Ayers Hall  Tim Whittemore
 Social Work  Dr. Maureen Newton
 304 Brewer Hall  Kimberly Westbrooks
 Sociology  Dr. Maureen Newton
 304 Brewer Hall  Kimberly Westbrooks