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LibGuides: An Introduction and How-To Guide: Your LibGuides Profile

An introduction to the LibGuides tool with How-To guides and instructions for library faculty on setting up their own LibGuides.

What is my LibGuides profile and what do I put in it?

Your LibGuides Profile
Your LibGuides Profile is your contact info within the LibGuides system. It shows up not only to the end users, but also within the back end of the system to anyone looking at guides you've authored. All profiles will be required to have certain information, but you can also add additional ways for users to contact you (eg, a Yahoo IM account). One thing to keep in mind while creating your profile: LibGuides is basically an extension of the Library's website, so if it isn't something you want up on the Internet, easily accessible from any Google search, then it's best not to include it in your profile information.

Required Info for Your Profile
Your profile must include:

  • Your first and last name
  • The floor on which your office is located
  • The Library's street address
  • Your office phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your BlackBoard IM ID
  • Your subject areas of expertise

You're encouraged to upload a photo of yourself, but this is not mandatory. If you do upload a profile photo, it should be a) of you and b) representative of you in your professional capacity (ie, if you wouldn't want Dr. Turner to see it, then another choice would probably be better). 

Please see below for examples, and try to follow the formatting as closely as possible. One of our goals with LibGuides is to provide a consistent look and feel to make things easier for the end user.

Profile Example

Please consult the example below when setting up your profile. Some field hints:

  • The "profile box title" should be your job title, and please be specific (eg, include your subject speciality, rather than just "Reference Librarian")
  • The "website/blog" field should point to the URL for your faculty bio page on the Library website. If you also have a personal blog you'd like to include, put a comma between the two and both should display.
  • Be sure to enter your email address in the "email" field rather than typing it out in the "contact info" field (this will mask your actual email address, making it more difficult for spammers to find you)
  • Put in each of your subject specialities in the "subject specialty" field, separated by a comma
  • Put your BlackBoard IM username in the "contact info" field

Customizing your profile page

Your Profile Page is different from your Profile Box. The box is an element you can use on any/every page of any LibGuide you create. The Profile Page is more like your faculty bio page, and it provides the same types of information:

  • Your work hours
  • A list of the guides you've created
  • You can also add boxes for your publications, presentations, and accomplishments