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LibGuides: An Introduction and How-To Guide: Publishing Your LibGuide

An introduction to the LibGuides tool with How-To guides and instructions for library faculty on setting up their own LibGuides.

How do I publish my guide?

Previewing Your LibGuide
Before publishing your guide and/or its pages for all the world to see, you should always make sure it has no typos, looks correct and all elements are displaying as you wish them to. To check how a page looks to the end user, just click the "PREVIEW" tab.

Publishing Your LibGuide
Your LibGuide will not be live on the web for viewing and use until it has been published. If there are elements of your guide that you want to go ahead and make available while you work on the rest of it, publish your guide, but hide the pages that are not complete. That way, the end user won't be frustrated by "in progress" pages which are incomplete or nonfunctional. The "hide" option is available as a check box when you initially create a page, or can be checked/unchecked at any time using the "Change Page Info" function under the "ADD/EDIT PAGES" tab.

You have two options for how you can publish your guide, both available through the "Change Guide Information" option under the Guide Settings tab. The default for all guides is set to unpublished. When you're ready for your guide to go live, you can publish it, which will make it available to the world through the Internet. OR, you can set the status to "private"--the guide is technically published, but only to those who already know the URL. It will not show up on any lists within the JSU LibGuides or come back as a result for any search.

You have two options when you publish a page: public and private. Public allows anyone searching within LibGuides or the Internet to find your page; private requires that the user have the direct URL to view the guide.