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LibGuides: An Introduction and How-To Guide: Creating a New LibGuide

An introduction to the LibGuides tool with How-To guides and instructions for library faculty on setting up their own LibGuides.

How do I create a guide?

Creating a Guide 
Creating a new LibGuide is easy — from your dashboard, simply
click on “create a new guide”. You can start from scratch if you wish, but to save yourself a load of time and effort, it’s often best to use a guide already created as a template and then modify it. To do this, select “Use an existing guide as a template” then search for a guide you’d like to use. You can use guides you’ve already created yourself, guides created by others in the Library, or search the entire LibGuides community — over 200,000 guides!

Give your guide a title and a description. These two fields are searchable by both the end user and within the LibGuides system (it’s how you found the guide you wanted to use as a template), so be sure to include logical, keyword-type search terms in both your title and description.

If you do not check the "create a copy" box, then whatever guide you’ve reused is tied to its original and you cannot edit it. If the original creator modifies the guide in any way (its pages, page elements, etc.), those changes automatically filter down to yours. If you want the guide to be modifiable by you and stay exactly as you have saved it unless you make changes yourself, then check the “create a copy” box.'re welcome to reuse whole guides, individual pages, page elements, even links — but if it's outside this university, you MUST obtain permission from the original creator before you publish any borrowed content. To avoid this step, reuse content from HCL LibGuides or use the Best of LibGuides link — LibGuides has already obtained permission to share content for the guides found under this link, so there's no need to ask again.

Now you're ready to start adding content to your guide.