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Faculty Resources & Services: Library Instruction

Library Instruction /Orientation

Library instruction is available (and encouraged) for all classes. Our subject specialists are eager to work with you to provide enrichment for students. Subject specialists can present classroom sessions tailored to complement specific classes, assignments, subject areas, or resources. Most commonly, sessions combine an introduction to the Library (when needed), demonstrations of electronic resources, discussions of search strategies, and (when possible) hands-on practice.

Faculty may also book a Library classroom space for individual classes without instruction.

We have two Library Instruction options:

  • Our Main Instruction Lab, located in the Basement of the Library, has 30 computers and offers hands-on instruction. The lab is setup with an instructor's workstation in the front of the room with a projector and screen. The instructor's workstation is not adjustable.
  • Library Classroom (10B), located on the 10th Floor, is setup in lecture style only with tables and chairs that can be reconfigured based on need, but does not offer hands-on computers. The room is setup with an instructor's workstation in the front of the room with a projector and two white boards on either wall. The instructor's workstation is adjustable.

See our Library Classroom Calendar for availability of all of our spaces. Reserve your space using the form below. If you would like to see the spaces we have available, please contact Ms. Alisha Henson (Secretary to the Dean of Library Services), ahenson@jsu.edu or 256.782.5255.

Library Classroom Space Request Form

Fill out my online form.

Main Lab

Library Instruction Lab with Cocky

Library Classroom/10B

Picture of Library's 10th Floor Classroom