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Program Review

Program Review Process at JSU

Institutional program review is a comprehensive look at individual programs or areas and covers such as staffing, action plans, assessment, and resources. Instructional program review examines programs that offer direct student instruction and are normally the academic offerings at the instruction. Non-instructional program review addresses areas or departments that may provide support to instructional programs or are necessary to the university to run efficiently and effectively.

Program review will not only allow us to meet our requirements for SACSOC it should also be an excellent way to allow our programs to receive formal input from a peer reviewer from aspirant institutions. Thus, this process is intended to build upon and improve the quality of our programs (instructional and non-instructional).

SACSCOC Core Requirement 7.1 (Institutional Planning) is for the purpose of assuring that institutions have an appropriate broad-based approach to institution-wide effectiveness that supports the mission and serves as a framework for planning. This Core Requirement also ensures that activities are evaluated to discern whether the anticipated progress is being achieved and if not, making corrections as needed.

The institution engages in ongoing, comprehensive, and integrated research-based planning and evaluation processes that (a) focus on institutional quality and effectiveness and (b) incorporate a systematic review of institutional goals and outcomes consistent with its mission.

An institutional planning and effectiveness process involves all programs, services, and constituencies; is linked to the decision-making process at all levels; and provides a sound basis for budgetary decisions and resource allocations.

In the Spring of 2022, the JSU program review committee developed program review materials for instructional and non-instructional programs. Self-study templates, rubrics and expectations for peer evaluators were developed and a library resource page was created for easy access of all materials. For AY 22-23, the committee identified 3 programs from each area (instructional and non-instructional) to pilot the new program review process. Programs will be notified of their selection to participate in the pilot at the beginning of the academic year. The program review committee will provide an overview of the program review process and workshops to assist programs in the development of their self-study. The office of institutional research will also be available for any data requests.

The following sections provide information on timeline, process, and criteria for selecting peer reviewers, agenda for peer review virtual visits, peer review final report, closing the loop and continuous improvement.

Refer to the University's Program Review Policy for complete details.

Program Review Committee Members, 2023-2024

Chair, Tracey Matthews, CHPW
Randy Blades, CAH
Tina Deshotels, CSBS
Blake Hunter, OIRE
Courtney Peppers, Student Success
Jodi Poe, Library