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EH325 -- Major Authors (Neil Gaiman): Fairy Tales and Folklore

This LibGuide focuses on the author Neil Gaiman. EH325 surveys major works by a featured author(s), including works by major authors of a particular era, literary movement, region, nationality, and/or genre.

Page Overview

This page addresses fairy tales and folklore, two subjects within which are entwined so much that pertains to both magic and monsters (and fantasy literature) that their exclusion from this LibGuide is unjustifiable and would be a disservice to its users.

Fairy Tales


Fairy Tale/s (in brief): stories about elves, hobgoblins, dragons, fairies, or other magical creatures; a subset of folklore

Subject Headings

Fairy tales

Noted compilers of fairy tales

Charles Perrault


The Brothers Grimm


Andrew Lang





The Annotated Brothers Grimm     PT921.K5613  2004  (7th)

  • a compilation of the tales with commentary on various passages in them

The Complete Fairy Tales     PQ1877.A27  2009  (7th)

  • a collection of the tales by Charles Perrault; illustrated

Grimm's Fairy Tales     Juv  PZ8.G882F82  1917  (5th)

  • the Brothers Grimm our great-grandparents read; worth a look for the illustrations alone 

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales     Ref  PN3437.O94  2015  (6th)

  • an illustrated, alphabetized work containing brief entries on fairy tales and the people associated with them









Folklore (in brief): the traditional beliefs, legends, customs of a culture or people

Subject Headings

Folklore (with a huge number of subheadings)



Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: a Handbook     GR72.56.A73  2005  (3rd)

  • a discussion of folklore themes and motifs organized by sections, with categories within each section

A Companion to Folklore     GR45.C64  2012  (3rd)

  • a scholarly anthology of writings on folklore from many perspectives

An Encyclopedia of Fairies     Ref  GR549.E74  1976b  (3rd)

  • a reference book containing alphabetized entries for just about every folkloric creature imaginable, including quite obscure ones

The Folklore of Cornwall     GR142.C7D42  1975  (3rd)

  • part of the Folklore of the British Isles series: not a collection of tales but a commentary and history of them, thematically arranged
    • one of a series of books on local British folklore, the others being  (all located in the GR142 section on the library's 3rd floor)