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EH325 -- Major Authors (Neil Gaiman): Magic

This LibGuide focuses on the author Neil Gaiman. EH325 surveys major works by a featured author(s), including works by major authors of a particular era, literary movement, region, nationality, and/or genre.

Page Overview

This page contains subject headings and book titles for magic.  Magic is a subject that is difficult to isolate, since it resonates with many other subjects such as mysticism or the occult.  Therefore you may want to explore additional subject headings.  One characteristic of the Library of Congress classification system, which is the system used by Houston Cole Library, is that like is shelved with like.  When you find a book that interests you, scan the titles of the books to either side.  You might find something else of interest.




Magic (in brief): the art of producing a desired effect or results through the use of incantation or other techniques

Mysticism (in brief):  a doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths

Occult (in brief): of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or claiming knowledge of secret or supernatural powers

Library subject headings

Magic -- History


Witchcraft -- History


A Dictionary of Symbols     Ref BF1623.S9C513  (9th floor)

  • an alphabetic listing of animals, persons, places, things offering brief entries on the symbolic history and associations of each

Dictionary of Mysticism and the Esoteric Traditions     Ref BF1407.D78  1992  (9th floor)

  •  a much more comprehensive listing than Dictionary of Symbols above, containing entries for historical and folkloric figures in addition to what is covered in DoS 

Gardener's Magic and Folklore     GR895.B34  1978  (3rd)

  • discusses folkloric customs, rituals, and superstitions relating to gardening and horticulture

Magic, Mystery, and Science: the Occult in Western Civilization     BF1411.B885  2004  (9th)

  • a topical and somewhat chronological account of occult and magical practices and beliefs through the ages

Whispers from the Woods: the Lore and Magic of Trees     BL624.K96  2006  (6trh)

  • an omnibus work that discusses trees in lore and ritual; contains a field guide on the uses and symbolic values of trees