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EH325 -- Major Authors (Neil Gaiman): Myth

This LibGuide focuses on the author Neil Gaiman. EH325 surveys major works by a featured author(s), including works by major authors of a particular era, literary movement, region, nationality, and/or genre.

Page Overview

This page contains subject headings and book titles for myth and mythology.  One characteristic of the Library of Congress classification system, which is the system used by Houston Cole Library, is that like is shelved with like.  When you find a book that interests you, scan the titles of the books to either side.  You might find something else of interest.



Myth (in brief): a traditional or legendary story, usually featuring a being, hero, or event

Mythology (in brief): a body of myths relating to a particular person, people, or event; e.g., Celtic mythology, Classical (Greek & Roman) mythology, Norse mythology

Mythologem: a basic theme or motif shared by cultures across the world

Library call number ranges subject headings

Myth: BL303 - BL313 (6th floor); Norse mythology would be a subset embedded in this range

Myth in Literature

Mythology in Literature

Mythology, Norse: http://jaxcat.jsu.edu/vwebv/search?searchType=0&searchCode=SUBJ&searchArg=Mythology,%20Norse


Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore: Gods & Goddesses     BL312.C754x  2018  (6th floor)

  • contains overviews of the various mythologies and biographical sketches of the leading deities for each mythology

Mythology: a Visual Encyclopedia     Ref  BL311.F67  2001 (6th floor)

  • a lavishly illustrated volume that breaks down the various world mythologies by geographic location and contains biographical snippets on the gods/goddesses of each region

The Oxford Companion to World Mythology     Ref BL312.L44  2005 (6th floor)

  • contains a comprehensive alphabetic listing of persons, places, events related to mythology; the Introduction, Cultural Listings of Entries (the listing for Mythic Theory, Mythologists, and Mythic Motifs and Types should be looked at because it lists various mythologems) and also a listing for Norse mythology 

Pears Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends (vol. 2)     BL311.P4  1976  (6th floor)

  • an illustrated collection of the myths themselves

A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture     PT7113.C66  2005  (7th floor)

  • an essay anthology that addresses Norse-Icelandic literature and culture from many perspectives