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HY 201/203: Honors/ American History I: Finding a Specialized Reference Source


How to Find Specialized Reference Sources for Your Topic

Specialized reference sources include encyclopedias, handbooks, guides, and other resources which provide compact  "overviews" and factual information of topics. There are reference areas on every floor. The reference collection  for history is on the 3rd floor.  You will find works there, such as the Dictionary of American Biography.  Searching for reference works in the Library Catalog is tricky.  You might want to browse the reference sections.  However, you can limit your search in the Library Catalog to the REFERENCE COLLECTION.

1. On the Library Home Page, put your cursor in the search box and hit "submit."

2. Click on the ADVANCED search tab in RED.

3. Under the Search Boxes, LIMIT your search to the REFERENCE COLLECTION Location

4. Be broad with your search. For example, if you are looking for a reference work on Thomas Jefferson, try just using the search term, "Presidents"  instead of "Thomas Jefferson."
5. Find the Reference work with the Call Num

If you want to make a copy, take the book down to the first or second floor to make copies. You must have money on your student ID card to use the copy machine. Please see the printing tab on this guide for instructions on how to add money to your student ID. You need this to use the copy machine.


Library Catalog Basic Search

Basic search in the Houston Cole Library catalog. 

Search Catalog: by:

Advanced Search

Library of Congress Classifications and Subject Headings for American History

Use the Library of Congress Subject Headings below to browse for books in American History. For further classification details see the Library of Congress Classification for History

CLASS E-F - HISTORY OF THE AMERICAS  (Click each subclass for details)

 E  11-143 America
 E 151-909 United States

 F  1-975 United States local history
 F 1001-1145.2 British America (including Canada) Dutch America
 F 1170  French America
 F 1201-3799 Latin America. Spanish America