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HY 201/203: Honors/ American History I: Finding a Scholarly Journal (Periodical) Article

Scholarly History Journals

The following is a selection of scholarly history journals. This list is not comprehensive but just an example to familiarize you with frequently-used titles.

Scholarly Journals

America: History & Life

Use these steps to locate a SCHOLARLY Journal Article (Periodical) in America: History & Life

  1. Start at the LIBRARY HOME PAGE
  2. Click on List of Electronic Resources & Database (red link underneath the Discovery search box)
  3. Click on Subject
  4. Click on History
  5. Click on America History & Life
  6. Type your Search Terms in the Search Boxes
  7. Limit your Search to "Articles" in "Document Type"
  8. Limit your Search to "Academic Journal" in "Publication Type"
  9. Add the record to the "FOLDER" in the Database. You will also add the record for your popular magazine to the same folder in the database.  When you have both articles saved in your folder, you will need to print out the citations in the folder. 

Look for footnotes and plenty of references!

Finding the Journals in Print in the Library

How do I know if it's a scholarly journal?

When you are deciding whether a journal article is "scholarly," look for the following clues:

  1. The journal article has plenty of footnotes and references
  2. You limit your search in America: History & Life to "academic journals" in "publication type."
  3. The author is a professional historian, such as a professor of history at an academic institution
  4. Popular magazine articles usually have fun, interesting photos and illustrations and few to no references