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Houston Cole Children's Corner: Our Donors & Call For Donations

Donations Needed

In addition to monetary contributions, we are seeking arts and crafts supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, paints, glue, scissors, construction paper, felt, legos, and poster board. Please consider donating these types of items which will always be needed.

We are also seeking toy instruments, baby board books, a children's globe, board games, a View-Master, an Etch a Sketch, costumes, and puppets.
Thank you!

Individual Donors

Special thank you to our individual donors! (Please consider becoming one):

  • Mary Bevis
  • Hervey Folsom
  • Anniston's Oldest Book Club
  • Jacqueline Charnigo
  • Megan Wise
  • John Upchurch
  • Nick Hoenshell (STAGE)
  • Randy Blades (STAGE)
  • Eric Heathcock
  • Linda Reeves

Our Generous Donors!

We would like to thank the Houston Cole Library Friends of the Library Foundation for their generous donation which has allowed us to begin this project. Please consider becoming a member of the Friends of the Library Foundation.  Visit  their Web site at:
We thank the Alabama State Council on the Arts (ASCA) for funding The Children' s Corner. This project would not have been possible without help from ASCA! Please take the time to thank our Governor and the ASCA Council Members for their continued support of Arts Education in Alabama!