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Houston Cole Children's Corner: Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities!

The Houston Cole Library's Children’s Corner is a collaborative project between JSU faculty, staff, and students; community members; school teachers; librarians; local organizations; and businesses.  This room is for everyone in our community!

Calling All Storytellers!
We need volunteers for story time hour.  Read a favorite childhood book, put on a puppet show or a skit, dress up as a children’s book character, or lead children in an arts and crafts activities. The sky’s the limit!

Volunteers for Multicultural Programming!
One of the objectives of the Children’s Corner is to celebrate diversity and promote cultural awareness. Such events might include:

  • Storytelling in Sign Language
  • Storytelling for the Blind
  • Native American storytelling
  • Multicultural folk tales


To volunteer or if you have programming ideas, please contact:

Laurie Charnigo Heathcock
(256) 782-5245

Kimberly Westbrooks
(256) 782-5244