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Education: Citing Sources

This guide is designed to help you find materials available from the Houston Cole Library for research in education.

Which style should I use?

The citation style you use depends on a variety of factors. Many disciplines tend to use one particular style over another (Chicago for art, for example). Your instructors may require you use a certain style, so ask about which manual to use before you start your research. If you are publishing one of your works, your editor may require that you use of a certain style.

If you aren't required to use a certain style, use one that you are comfortable with and that best fits your needs. Just follow the guidelines and be consistent.

Citing Sources in APA Style

APA (The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) is the style guide used most in the field of education. Please contact the reference librarian if you have questions about how to cite your sources or how to avoid plagiarism.

APA Format Citations- Sixth Edition Tutorial by P. D.


Avoiding Plagiarism: Guides