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Education: Education Research: Literature Reviews & Research Methods

This guide is designed to help you find materials available from the Houston Cole Library for research in education.

Writing Literature Reviews

How to organize your literature review. This handout is from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University (OWL) 

Qualitative Research Examples

  • Case study
    • Strear, M. M., Van Velsor, P., DeCino, D. A., & Peters, G. (2018). Transformative School Counselor Leadership: An Intrinsic Case Study. Professional School Counseling22(1), N.PAG.
  • Ethnography
    • Gautam, C., & Lowery, C. L. (2017). Teaching Moral Literacy through Critical Pedagogical Bricolage: A Co-Constructed Auto-Ethnography of an Educational Leadership Program. Qualitative Report22(1), 160–179. Retrieved from
  • Historical research
    • Volk, T. M. (2003). Looking back in time: on being a music education historian. Journal of Historical Research in Music Education, 15(1), 49+. Retrieved from

Quantitative Research Examples

  • Descriptive survey research
  • Experimental research
  • Single-subject research
  • Causal-comparative research
  • Correlational research
  • Meta-analysis