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Education: Subject Headings

This guide is designed to help you find materials available from the Houston Cole Library for research in education.

Browse Books with Call Numbers

Browsing Children & Young Adult Books by LOC Subject Headings

The children & young adult section is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification System from A-Z. A rough call number guide is as follows:

A General Works- non-fiction

B Philosophy, Psychology, Mythology,  Religion

C World History

European History

Native American History, American History

Candian History, Latin American History

G Geography, Ecology, Folklore, Holidays

GV Sports

Social Sciences, Economy, Money, Family, Communities

J Politics, Governments


L Education, Schools

M Music, Musicians

N Art, Architecture,  Artists

PN-PS Poetry, Authors, Illustrators

PZ Juvenile Fiction (Both children & young adult)

PZ 8 Folktales & Fairy Tales

QA Math

QB Astronomy

QC-QD Chemistry, Phsyics

QE Geology

QH Natural History

QK Plants

QL Animals, Living Creatures

QM Human Anatomy


Agriculture, Forests

Technology, Transportation, Photography, Crafts, Cooking

U-V Military  

Libraries, Books




Library of Congress Classifications and Subject Headings for EDUCATION

The majority of the Education books are shelved in the L-LT call number range.  In general, the Education collection is broken down by the following call number areas: 

L Education (General) Subclass LA History of education Subclass

LB Theory and practice of education Subclass

LC Special aspects of education Subclass

LD Individual institutions - United States Subclass

LE Individual institutions - America (except United States) Subclass

LF Individual institutions - Europe 

LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia,
New Zealand, Pacific islands

LH College and school magazines and papers

LJ Student fraternities and societies, United States

LT Textbooks

Further breakdowns within Class L classifications may be viewed in the Library of Congress Classification outline for Education

Map of the 5th Floor

Children & Young Adult Books are in the JUVENILE location

Books on Education are in the circulating STACKS (behind NEW TEXTBOOKS)

K-12 Textbooks are in SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS

Physical Education Books are behind RESTROOMS in STACKS

Journal Articles (pre-1990) are bound in the PERIODICALS area (we do maintain current print subscriptions to many of our journals even though most are now available through the library databases. If you come across an older citation (usually prior to 1990) and the journal article is not available in fulltext through our databases, our LIBRARY CATALOG HOLDINGS will indicate whether we have the journal in our PERIODICALS LOCATION. To locate the journal in print, you will need the full citation (title, author, volume number, issue number, year, page numbers) and the CALL NUMBER.

The Librarian's Office if on the left when you exit the elevator. Come in, have a cup of coffee, and let's do research!  



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