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IL 510: Action Research Class: Examples of Research Methods

Examples of Research Methods

Education Research Methods: Journal Article Examples

A. Examples of Qualitative Methods: 

Ethnographic Study
Rogers, R. (2002). Through the eyes of the institution: A critical discourse analysis of decision making in two special education meetings. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 33(2), 212-37. (Available online)

Case Study
Xu, J. & Corno, L. (1998). Case studies of families doing third-grade homework. Teachers College Record, 100(2), 402-36.

B. Examples of Quantitative Methods:

Quantitative Descriptive Study

DiPaola, M. & Tschannen-Moran. (2003). The principalship at a crossroads: A study of the conditions and concerns of principals. NASSP Bulletin, 87, 43-65. (Available online)

Correlational Study
Sloan, T., Daane, C.J., & Giesen, J. (2002). Mathematics anxiety and learning styles: What is the relationship in elementary preservice teachers? School Science and Mathematics, 102(2), 84-7. (Available online)

Causal Comparative Study
Gruber, C.D. & Onwuegbuzie, A.J. (2001). Effects of block scheduling on academic achievement among high school students. High School Journal, 84(4), 32-42. (Available online)

Experimental Studies
Funkhouser, F. (2002/ 2003). The effects of computer-augmented geometry instruction on student performance and attitudes. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 35(2): 163-75. (Available online)

Action Research
Dils, A.K. (2000). Using technology in a middle school social studies classroom. International Journal of Social Education, 15(1), 102-12. (Available online)

List of research articles compiled by Anthony G. Picciano in Education Research Primer (2004). See this book for easy-to-read summaries of educational research methods and statistics.LB 1028 .P48, 5th floor of the Houston Cole Libary