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LGBTQ+ Resources: Subject Headings

LGBTQ+ Health Resources

Social Work

The majority of the Social Work materials will be in the HV1-HV5840 call number range. To see what materials we have, you can use the Library Catalog Basic Search in the box to the right. In general, the Social Work collection is broken down by the following call number areas: 

HV1-HV525 - Social Work in general

HV551 - HV677 - Emergency Management

HV697 - Families

HV700 - HV1420 - Children and Young Adults

HV1442 - HV1448 - Women

HV1449 - Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender

HV1450 - HV1494 - Aged

HV1551 - HV3024 - People with disabilities

HV4005 - HV4630 - Immigrants and Homelessness

HV4701 - HV4890 - Protection of Animals

HV4997 - HV5840 - Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Tobacco and Drugs

Further breakdowns within Class HV classifications may be viewed in the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

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