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Interprofessional Education (IPE) at Jacksonville State University: Committee & Resources : IPE Mission & Priorities



The mission of the Jacksonville State University Center for Interprofessional Education is to innovatively transform education in healthcare and related fields using collaborative learning and practice environments to prepare highly competent practicing professionals to work and engage diverse populations in the community and clinical practice. The Center will prepare faculty to engage in collaboration across academic disciplines and in ongoing faculty knowledge and skill development to meet the needs of diverse learners as we expand curricula to incorporate interprofessional education across academic programs to improve health outcomes. The Center will support those within our community utilizing health services through these efforts as our faculty and students will promote positive living and patient-centered care.  


Year 1:  

  • Identify 3-4 faculty to participate in train-the-trainer workshop through the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. The nationally recognized Train-the-Trainer Interprofessional Team Development Program (T3-ITDP) is a unique program that guides participants through the development, implementation, and assessment of interprofessional education (IPE) programs and team-based care. University of Virginia is offering an on-line workshop November 10-13, 2021. Registration is $5985 per team of three, $7980 per team of four, and $9975 per team of five (team of 5 suggested to ensure diverse participation across schools). Additional team members up to seven are $1995 each.  

  • To identify stakeholders and champions to support the mission of interprofessional education at Jacksonville State University (JSU). 

  • To develop and implement faculty development opportunities to prepare faculty to work collaboratively to enhance curricula to integrate student-focused, interprofessional education learning and clinical experiences. These opportunities will align with the core competencies outlined by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC): value/ethics for Interprofessional Education practice; Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication, and Teams and Teamwork. These would take place after the team returns from the Train-the-trainer workshop.  

  • To establish a community of respect, inclusivity, and collaboration to develop future practicing professionals to improve health outcomes at a local, regional, and state level.  

  • To establish a continuous quality improvement plan to evaluate ongoing curricular and clinical experiences for student performance and satisfaction.  

Year 2:  

  • To implement 1-2 university-wide, student-focused, interprofessional education experience to promote healthy lifestyles within the community. 

  • To develop 1-2 interprofessional education-focused courses that promotes professional identity development and team skills. 

  • To develop community partnerships to foster collaborations between JSU and those in the local and regional communities.  

  • Identify and attend National IPE conference for professional development. 

Year 3:  

  • To identify additional funding opportunities to enhance and expand interprofessional education learning opportunities and support continued faculty development efforts. 

  • To utilize evidence-based practices and clinical outcomes founded in research and scholarship to promote community engagement as well as faculty and student development.  

  • Continue attendance at National IPE conferences for professional development. 

  • Re-evaluate IPE initiatives at JSU and provide additional recommendations to the Provost and President.