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Do you have an IPE idea or proposal and are looking for others who would like to collaborate? Feel free to submit your proposal here. Make sure to include your full contact information so that others may connect with you.

IPE Proposal Submission

IPE Opportunity:  "JSU College for Kids "
Idea submitted on: March 9, 2022
Department: Library
Contact person: Laurie Charnigo Heathcock
Looking for 25 volunteer faculty members who will provide a "mini lecture" to children, ages 4-8, on an interesting aspect of their field. For example, a biologist might do a session on snakes and bring snakes to the library. This summer library program takes place in June & July, 2022. The lectures are from 1-2 in the Children's Corner on the 5th floor. Plan an interactive lecture for 30 minutes, followed by an activity or show & tell, and Q & A.

Contact Information:
Laurie Heathcock, Education Librarian. Houston Cole Library. 
Phone: (256) 782-5245