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This LibGuide gathers into a single location copies of the handouts used by Harry Nuttall for information literacy instruction sessions at the Houston Cole Library of Jacksonville State University.

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Harry Nuttall
Houston Cole Library
7th Floor
Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Rd N
Jacksonville, AL 36265
Subjects:Language, Literature


This LibGuide provides links to the handouts used by Harry Nuttall for instruction sessions in the Houston Cole Library.  It will be a dynamic guide to which digital links will be added as the handouts are created and updated.  Frequently-used handouts will be here; but as time permits, some retrospective, more specialized and possibly even "one-shot" handouts will be added.  The handouts are not meant to be standalones but are best used when accompanied by an instruction session lecture/demonstration.

Unlike with the paper handouts used in the instruction sessions, the hyperlinks on the digital handouts are live and clickable.  This means that not only are replacement handouts available for lost paper copies, navigation to the library's catalog and databases is easier than with paper handouts.  In addition, once copy/pasted into Microsoft Word, these handouts become editable documents which can be adapted to dynamic, real-time changes by using Word's Review/Comment function.  Further, these handouts can be more radically edited to meet student needs for classes other than those for which the handouts are originally intended.  

Census of Links


EH100/LS104       2 links

EH101                  3 links

EH102                  6 links

EH103                 1 link

EH104                 5 links

EH501                 3 links

STU101               1 link

Un-anchored      10 links


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