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EH555 -- Literature of the South: Subject Headings

This Library Guide directs you to sources for information on the literature of the American South. The resources presented are selected and representative, not comprehensive, and are intended to provide a sampler of all the information sources available

Page Overview

This page lists the call number ranges for materials by or about writers considered to be within the Southern canon and on Southern literature in general, as well as suggestions on how to find and identify more obscure subject headings for Southern writers.

Individual Author Call Number Ranges

Frederick Douglass E449.D7 . . .

Harriet Ann Jacobs  E444.J17

Kate Chopin  PS1294.C63

Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain  PS1300-1348

Edgar Allan Poe  PS2600-2645

William Faulkner  PS3511.A86

Zora Neale Hurston PS3515.U789

Carson McCullers  PS

Robert Penn Warren  PS3545.A748

Eudora Welty  PS3545.E6

Tennessee Williams  PS3545.I5365

Richard Wright  PS3545.R815

Harper Lee  PS

Flannery O'Connor  PS3565.C57

Walker Percy  PS3566.E6912


Library of Congress Classifications and Subject Headings

Subject headings for Southern Literature can be found in the the 2008 edition of the Library of Congress Classification for PR, PS, and PZ, located adjacent to the Library of Congress Subject Headings on the green cabinet on the library's sevenh floor, beneath Shakespeare's portrait.  The classification for the entire class P of language and literature can be found here:

Books that are entirely, cover-to-cover, by or about an American southern author may be located by performing either an author or subject search in the library's catalog, using as search terms the author's name (in last-name first order).  For Southern authors as a group, some useful subject headings are:

History of American Literature -- South  PS261

     By state  PS266

     By city  PS267