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EH412 & 412G -- Victorian Poetry; EH556 -- Victorian Literature: Find Articles

This Library Guide directs you to sources for information on British Victorian literature. The resources presented are selected and representative, not comprehensive, and are intended to provide a sampler of all the information sources available on Victo

Page Overview

This page provides a list of databases for searching for articles on Victorian Literature in scholarly journals and other periodicals.  A brief description is provided for each database to help researchers choose the most appropriate one for their purpose.  The advantages and disadvantages of different levels of database searching also are discussed,

Electronic Resources

There are a number of electronic resources you can use to research your area. The databases on this page are some of the more useful ones.  You can also search for a specific journal using the search box below. If you cannot find what you need, please contact the Subject Specialist using the contact information under the Home tab of this Guide.

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Special Note

NOTE: Due to license agreements, some journals and/or specific issues may not be available in full-text.

Who has access?

If you are faculty, staff, or currently enrolled in classes at Jacksonville State University, you can access the Library's electronic resources from your home computer.

Where can I access these resources?

Access is granted through an authentication application called EZproxy. It is very easy to use, and it allows our users to access our resources from any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or service provider (AOL, Mindspring, etc.).

How Do I Access These Resources?

When you're prompted for a student/staff ID and your last name, type in your student/staff number (all numbers, no dashes, no spaces) including ALL leading zeroes and your last name. For example:

  • Student/Staff ID: 123456789
  • Last Name: smith

Click the "Submit" button and you're in! Once you have been authenticated, you can begin searching the resource. If you have any problems accessing the databases, use the contact information in the Help box above to contact us.

Beyond Databases

Many authors have groups of admirers who study their works and even form organizations which issue publications devoted to that author.  Yet these publications are so obscure that they are not indexed in any of the major databases.  Here is an area where a basic internet search can be useful, since many of these publications have contents pages, and even selective full text of articles, available online.  The search template is simple.  In the search box of the internet search engine, type the name of the author, within quotation marks, followed by the word "society" (no quotation marks).  For example:

"john cooper powys" society

Whether the author's group calls itself an Association, a Circle, or a Society, within the results list the search brings up should be a link to that group; and connected to that link, access to resources which might otherwise remain unavailable.

Primary Databases

Start with these Databases to Locate Articles

To find articles on a topic, you will need to search in databases that index the articles in various journals or, occasionally, in books, on that topic. For research on English Romantic literature, you may want to start with the following databases.  For additional databases, redirect to the Supplemental Databases tab of the LibGuide for English Language and Literature: Electronic Databases by Subject.

Poetry Databases