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AN 345: Cultural Anthropology: Welcome the AN 345 Libguide


Welcome to the AN 345: Cultural Anthropology Library Libguide! This mini-webpage is a one stop shop designed to help you with your class research assignments. My name is Karlie, and I am the Anthropology Librarian. It will be my pleasure to help you find library resources. Please check out my Librarian box below to see my contact information. Please have fun exploring your library libguide!

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Finding Ethnographies: Tips and Tricks

Due to the wide range of topics, subject areas, and geographic regions covered in ethnographies, these books are shelved throughout the library's print book collection. For example, ethnographies can be in cataloged in subjects areas such as Religion (B), Social Sciences (H), Music (M), or Medicine (RA). Ethnographies may also be found in our e-book collections. JSU Library does not store all of its ethnographies together in one section of our shelves. Find below tips and tricks to help you find ethnographies on your topic:

 Think about your interests:

  • Is there an area of world that intrigues you?
  • Have you traveled somewhere and want to learn more about the local people in that area?
  • Do you want to learn more about a specific custom or culture?

2. Encyclopedias and other reference books can be helpful if you don't know where to begin. If you find a topic or subject of interest, check the bibliography for the title or author of an ethnography, or see if the author of the encyclopedia's article has written an ethnography.

3. Search the library's catalog, JaxCat, using Keywords (your search terms/words), the Title of a specific book, or the name of an Author (last name, first name).

4.Using Library of Congress Subject Headings may also be helpful. Every item in the library's catalogs is categorized by a subject. Subjects Headings are controlled vocabulary terms which use simple terms to define a topic or subject. 

  • You can do a subject search in JaxCat (Library's Catalog) using Subject Headings.
  • Try using your topic plus terms like social life and customs, case studies, specific peoples group name- ex. Cajun, Cherokee Indians

5.If you choose to browse the shelves of the library's collection, it is helpful to be familiar with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme:

  • Class G: Geography. Anthropology. Recreation
    • GN301-674: Ethnology. Social and Cultural Anthropology
    • GT1-7070: Manners and Customs
  • Class D: World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Class E: History of the Americas
  • Class F: History of the Americas

Credit to librarian, Aimee Jenkins. Content adapted from from her Ethnography libguide

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