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EH -- Electronic Databases by Subject: Websites, Videos, and LibGuides from Other Campuses

This Library Guide contains a listing of electronic databases subscribed to by the Houston Cole Library of Jacksonville State University for study and research in the fields of language and literature.

Resources from Other Campuses

This page comprises links to useful material from other campuses.  Some of the information should be disregarded because it is specific to the campus of origin and of no use to JSU students.  Attempts have been made to single out the more useful information.


The links in this box lead to information about writing research papers on literature.  The focus is not so much on databases or database searching but rather on research/writing as process. There may be some duplication of content among the links, but each site offers something unique or it would not be included.

The Essentials

While all the links on this page are useful to varying degrees, these two -- one for a LibGuide and the other for a video tutorial -- might be the best places to start.


View the videos one right after the other.

Information seeking using research tools (bibliographies, databases, indexes, internet) is language-driven.  The words are paramount.  With the older, analog technology (print), the words are provided in the reference tools; all the researcher has to learn is pattern recognition for the various citation forms. 

With digital technology, not only must online searchers recognize citation forms, they must provide their own words to type into the search boxes.  The words themselves matter. The form of the word matters.  Whether to truncate (use an *) or a related term/synonym matters.  Boolean operators matter.  Even which search box the word is placed in can make a difference.  The following links illustrate ways to manipulate language to create successful database searches.  



LibGuides from Other Campuses

These links are to LibGuides from other campuses and focus on the basics  of the research process: those things which may be used across several academic disciplines and research subjects.  Disregard boxes or pages that apply only to the campus from which the Guide originates; focus on the ones that have a broader scope of usefulness.