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EH401 -- Chaucer: Subject Headings

Language and Literature: EH401 -- Chaucer: This Library Guide focuses on information sources for late medieval/early modern English poet Geoffrey Chaucer. The resources presented are selected and representative, not comprehensive, and are intended to pro

Page Overview

This page lists the call number ranges for Chaucer as well as for English (PR) and General (PN) Literature along with their related subject areas.

Individual Author Call Number Ranges

The call number range for Geoffrey Chaucer as an individual author runs from PR1850 through PR1955.  Within that range, subcategories distribute as  follows:

Works: collections, selections, and translations  PR1850-1855

Separate works

   Anelida and Arcite  PR1856-57

   Boethius's De Consolatione Philosophiae  PR1859-60

   Book of the Duchess  PR1862-63

   Canterbury Tales  PR1865-1866

        Selections PR1867

        Special parts, A-Z  PR1868.A-Z 

Translations, including modern works  PR1870

Miscellaneous: Adaptations, works for children, etc.  PR1872

Criticism: General works  PR1874

              Special topics, A-Z  PR1875

Other works  PR1877-97

Biography and related  PR1905-15

Criticism  PR1924-33

   Special subjects, A-Z  PR1933

(Criticism dealing entirely with an individual work will be grouped with that work and not in the section for general Chaucer criticism.)

Language, style, etc.  PR1940-55

Library of Congress Classifications and Subject Headings

For a shelf-browsing, call number approach, use the 2008 edition of the Library of Congress Classification for PR, PS, and PZ.  It is an extremely detailed listing and reveals  the most useful supplemental call number ranges for books between PR1855 and PR1955  Additional work by or about Chaucer may be found in the following call number ranges. 

History of English literature by period: Medieval/Middle English (1066-1500)  PR251-280

      By form -- poetry  PR311-399

Collections of English literature -- general: Medieval to 1600  PR1120

Collections of English literature -- poetry: Medieval PR1203                                            

Collections of English literature -- poetry: Early Modern (1250-1700)  PR1204


The classification for the entire class P of language and literature can be found here: