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EH419 & 419G -- Milton: Subject Headings

This Library Guide directs you to sources for information on the seventeenth-century English writer John Milton. The resources presented are selected and representative, not comprehensive, and are intended to provide a sampler of all the information sourc

Page Overview

This page lists the call number ranges for materials by or about John Milton, as well as suggestions on how to find and identify more obscure subject headings for Milton.

Individual Author Call Number Ranges

The call number range for John Milton as an individual author runs from PR3550 through PR3598.  Within that range, subcategories break down as  follows:

Works: collections, selections, and translations  PR3550-3554

Separate works (poetry)

   L'Allegro, Il Penseroso  PR3555-3556

   Comus, Lycidas  PR3557-3558

   "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity"  PR3559

   Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained  PR3560-3565

   Samson Agonistes  PR3566

   Sonnets  PR3567

   Other works, including prose works  PR3568-3570

   Works in foreign languages  PR3572

Criticism of an individual work will be grouped with that work and not in the section for general Milton criticism.

Library of Congress Classifications and Subject Headings

For the book call number range for primary and secondary works exclusively by or about John Milton, see the left pane.

For a shelf-browsing, call number approach, use the 2008 edition of the Library of Congress Classification for PR, PS, and PZ, located adjacent to the Library of Congress Subject Headings on the green cabinet beneath Shakespeare's portrait on the library's seventh floor.  It is an extremely detailed listing and reveals  the most useful supplemental call number range for books which may contain information relevant to Milton to be between PR431 and PR440.  This range includes both the Puritan and Restoration eras. 

The classification for the entire class P of language and literature can be found here: