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EH303 & 304 -- Survey of Black Literature; EH442G -- Black Writers in America: Links and Videos

This Library Guide directs you to sources for information on African American writers from colonial times to the present. The resources presented are selected and representative, not comprehensive, and are intended to provide a sampler of all the informa

Page Overview

This page contains links to internet sources relevant to Black Literature as well as a listing of streaming video links (non-subject specific) provided by Houston Cole Library.

Subscription Streaming Video Collections

The links below direct to the streaming video collections to which Houston Cole Library subscribes, which contain films pertaining to literature or theatre.  The scope of most of the collections, however, is broader than just literature or theatre, so some close searching may be required once a particular collection is accessed.

To see more of Houston Cole Library's roster of streaming video collections, redirect to this LibGuide:

Videos Online

For those wishing to do their own searches for videos:

1. Go to Google Search (Basic, not Advanced).  

2. Within quotation marks (so multi-word search terms still will be searched as a unit), type in the subject of the video(s) you seek.

3. Either click on the top index for Videos or type the word video one space behind the closed quotation mark.  Your choice makes a difference.

   a. Google owns Youtube, so clicking on Videos will surface Youtube videos to the top of the results list.

   b. Typing video into the search box varies the results, often letting non-Youtube videos like Vimeo surface near the top of the list.


Useful Links