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Basic Academic Research: Websites, Videos, and LibGuides from Other Campuses

This LibGuide covers skills, strategies, and materials employed in basic academic research: the sorts of assignments often given to lower division (freshman and sophomore) students in the first two years of college.

Page Overview

This page offers step-by-step information on how to perform the research process, from topic selection and refinement to keyword selection and on through to tips for using electronic search engines.



A simple, clever analogy between research and cookery which brings insights on research not much addressed in the two videos which follow.

From the Jean Burr Smith Library of Middlesex Community College: a brief overview of the research process that addresses the major stages, focusing on developing the research question and selection of keywords,  Links to related MCC videos are provided. 

From the University of Rhode Island Libraries:  The twelve-video InfoRhode Tutorial series ( presents a coherent, detailed treatment of the major stages of the research process.  The portions of the videos that are URI library-specific (THEIR catalog, THEIR databases) are not relevant to Houston Cole Library and JSU, but the more generally-applicable information (how to search the catalog, how to search a database) certainly is.  This is a valuable tutorial series for lower-division college students.

LibGuides from Other Campuses